Sunday, July 22, 2012

A well deserved good day

Finally, Steve had a good day. He walked around the yard and decided to water the almost dead grass. All day long the sprinkler was going and I don't care how much water was wasted on a very dry yard, he was happy.

I touched base with family and was able to give good news. I know he would like to make these calls himself but he can't get his voice loud enough since the bronchoscopy damaged his vocal cords.

He actually had an appetite today. I went snack shopping and got gourmet nuts, chocolates, chips, crackers, cheese and fruit. Easy to grab items. I think he is at 125 lbs. I never thought I'd weigh more than him but I do now.

When he's happy, I'm happy.

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  1. I hope that I am able to see the good in the days to come when Jonsey is in his treatment. So much stress with new program at work to learn and all this cancer crap in the back of my mind. Keeping the smile on my face as the inside of me is dying. I love reading your post Denise, they bring joy to me. I am praying constantly that the Lord does a miracle for you and Steve. God Bless you both.