Friday, July 20, 2012

Our favorite part of the day

Our close friends and family know where Steve and I will be at 7 p.m. We are sitting together talking. We stop whatever we are doing, get something to drink and sit at the table. The T.V. is off, candles are optional, music is a must. We don't care who joins us, as long as we are there together. The kids knew when they were young, if they needed to talk, here was one opportunity.

Weather pending we are on the deck. We have a propane heater and a wonderful view of all our trees. Or an even better place is at our camp site with a fire between us, watching the river go by.

There is more than "How was your day", in passing. He knows my coworkers even if he's never met them. I know what vehicle he's trying to paint match at the body shop. I know how his lunch was and he knows if I talked to the boys today. If it's Monday, I'm just getting home at 7 p.m. so am either hyper or brain dead. As the week comes to a close there is more talk of the weekend. What we will do if the weather does this or that. What home tasks will we work on, or maybe a nap is prioritized instead.

The table looks different now with a blood pressure cuff, nebulizer, voice enhancer, calendar of appointments, medicine bottles and get well cards but it can all be moved to accommodate a couple coasters and a mug of beer or cup of tea.

I love this part of us. It's my favorite part of the day.

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