Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scans this week

This week Steve will have scans to see how the cancer in his lungs and liver are responding to the last 2 cycles of chemo. We will get the results from this next week when we see the doctor.

A miracle at this time would be great. Just like some of the stories I've been reading to inspire me. The doctor will come in with a smile instead of the sad sorry look he has had in the past. He'll sit facing us and tell us the cancer is miraculously gone, no sign of it anywhere. We'll be shocked as we look at each other in amazement, knowing God can do this but hardly believing it. The doctor will want to do a 6 month follow up of course. And we will walk out holding hands just like we did 49 days ago in a stunned silence. We'll go to Heritage Church for prayer again, only this time in astonished praise at being healed.

Or I will settle for hearing that the cancer has responded to the chemo and is now smaller.

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