Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boys and their dogs

It was the perfect fit. Just like in Brady Bunch where they all look at each other. I had two boys who had never had a dog, he had two dogs who had never had a boy. They all were out of puppy-hood and the perfect age to appreciate each other.

What was interesting was the personalities of the dog each boy gravitated towards had the same temperament at the boy who chose it.

There was a golden retriever, Cassie who would sit all regal, prim & proper. She would come and love on you and then go lay down. She seemed so quick to learn and well behaved. This became Josh's dog. He always seemed grown up even in a little boys body. He'd listen to adults and then contribute some wisdom beyond his years.

Then there was Toby a black lab, chow mix who never gave up and lay down. She bounced all over in excitement and seemed to be stuck in that adolescent stage her whole life. Brandon wanted Toby, who would dangerously join him in every adventure one of them could think up. With a harness Toby could pull a skateboard, bike or sled and Bran would wear out before Toby would. He was very proud of the tricks he taught her. His favorite was to put a dog biscuit on her nose and have her sit while he walked all around the circle in the house coming back to her and giving her permission to flip the biscuit up and catch it in her mouth.

The boys grew up and moved on and our dogs went to doggie heaven. Toby actually lived to 16 years old. She was walked every day, although the last few years she was behind us during these walks.

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