Sunday, August 12, 2012


Everyone told us being grandparents was oh so awesome. I swore I would not be all ga ga like they were. And I have to admit, until he was born I did pretty good. I really enjoyed watching this fatherly side of my son come out. This love of his was more intense and committed. They are both such good parents. But oh this baby. You know it's bad when you start showing complete strangers pictures on your phone. And a new edge of worry reappears that you haven't felt in oh about 17 years. He is so funny at only 9 months old, I can't imagine what it will be like when he starts talking.

He is all about discovery. He does one of three things with what's in his hand. He tastes it, bangs it or tastes & bangs it.

I sat with him in the front yard on our plush green grass. He very slowly tried to make his fingers work to pick up items. A leaf, a acorn, some bark.
Then he would rub it between his fingers and his face would get this intense expression as he absorbs all the facts. I can tell he is going to be very smart. We had moved beyond the taste/bang faze now.

I thought of how Steve is with our friends son, Caleb. No baby talk, in fact not a lot of talk at all, which made Caleb listen to him even more. When Caleb wanted to know about the tread mill, Steven put him on it and taught him what all the buttons meant and the safety features. I thought this was so cool as I was thinking I would have told Caleb it's for big people. Maybe Steve wanted to wear him out. All I know is they were buddies after that.

Then I think forward 4 years until Parker is Caleb's age. I want him to have the 'grandpa' experience I never had. The one that takes you clamming then fishing with the clams. Mushroom hunting then cooking them with cracker crumbs in butter. Boat rides and building a fire. Whose lap is big, and arms are strong and he never seems too busy.

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