Saturday, August 4, 2012

Like peanut butter and jelly

Steve and I had a bad accident several years ago. It happened soon after we left his parent's house on Barstow Road. Several family members and friends came to the scene from their house while they used the jaws of life to free us. The car was very mangled everywhere and they knew chances were good they had lost one if not both of us. One of the brothers said he thought to himself there was no way one of us could make it without the other.

We are such a team. Steve and Denice. Denice and Steve. We finish each others sentences, read lips and communicate a bunch (not always good stuff) with just a look. When I go down the basement and holler up, "Steven, why am I down here?" he usually knows. When he goes to the frig and curses, I tell him it's in the drawer.When I don't recall an events details, he always does. This amazes me. Where was I when that happened? Was I there? My sister describes us as peanut butter and jelly. I'm sure she meant this as a compliment.

I'm one of those singers that fill in the lyrics when I don't know them. And often I don't know them. Steven will always correct the words. He would definitely kick butt at that one song game. I know this should make me happy but it cuts into my song and I usually stop. Then he says inevitably, "Oh, does that bother you?" After 23 years you get to know what bothers the other. And I never intentionally do things that bother him, ask him.

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