Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My surprise guy

Steve is all about surprises. One year he planned a trip. He booked tickets, lodging, concerts and special dinners. I didn't know any of it was happening. He gave me an anniversary card at one of the dinners that said Happy 10th. I then had to break it to him that it was only 9 years. I did add that I couldn't wait to see how he would top this trip next year.

When we were first dating I was a divorced mom with two young sons. The three of us were relocating to a new home which did not come with a stove and frig. I was lucky to have come up with the money it took to move in.  And here comes Steve in a truck with a matching set. I think they were green. Of course he wouldn't let me pay him back and it seemed like so much for a boyfriend to do.

Sometimes the surprises appear like they are for me but they are really for him. When he bought a super nice grill, he lead me out to the deck and said, "Surprise!". He then opened the grill to show me 3 African violet plants.

The best was a surprise 40th birthday party. I swear, he had people there I hadn't seen in years. And I didn't have a clue. About half way thru the night he had the Karaoke guy announce it was time for my present. He had car keys to a new car. I've never had a new car, but then I've never had a guy like Steve.

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