Monday, August 27, 2012

Thanks to you all

I am so appreciative of the classmates that came to support Steve. It was great watching you all catch up with each other.

Several of my coworkers at Heritage Church where I work and we attend came. I've come to rely on your praying for us.

I have 20 volunteers that work in the Administration office and after all that volunteering they still found time to come and support us.

Steve's vendors, customers and employees (past and present)coming meant so much to him.

Our neighbors (past and present) and dear friends, our family that drove or were flown, I can't believe how far you came. Several people who were not able to make it mailed or gave us cards and checks. Thank you to you all.

So many of you said to let you know if we ever need anything. Right now things are okay but I don't know if they will always be okay, so I may call. Sometimes it would be nice to just have coffee and hear about you and your life. It scares me to put my toe over that line called future and think too much, much less talk about it.

I worried that after all that hard work Becky and Kris put into this that maybe no one would show up. But you surprised us all. You bought every bakery item there was and bid way too high for a pie. You bought golf clubs to be auctioned or donated a basket. You gave time to sit behind a table. I hate being in need but feel so full of amazement at your generosity. I'm humbled and don't know how things are going to work out but I know one thing for sure...we won't be alone.

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