Thursday, August 30, 2012

The perfect gift

I'm searching my mind for a gift I can get Steve for our anniversary. It unfortunately hits next week during our long day at chemo. My mind is blank. I want it to be special. What if it's our last?

There were many tears of joy at our wedding. First a young man started crying, then I started crying because he was crying, then people attending were crying. Women were riffling in their purses for tissues to pass around. It was all very touching.

We'd been together 3 years by the time we married. And so happy. Everyone who saw us knew we'd end up marrying but who would have thought this would happen?

If I had a wish, I'd wish I could go in now and wake him up from this terrible dream. I'd take him his coffee and he could complain about the construction on John Deere Road. I'd tell him on my way out that his lunch was on the counter and it was his turn to pick up milk on the way home...

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