Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodbye Kitty Witty

We bought Kitty 16 years ago for our son, but when he moved away Kitty became Steve's. Steve of course was the only one who could have cared less if the cat liked him. Kitty was very particular with who was allowed to touch her and Steve's lap was the only one she crawled on. Each morning she meowed outside our bedroom door to come in and sit in the window while he had coffee and woke up. She was his buddy on the couch each night for TV time and even cheered for the Bears.

So when Kitty curled up in a corner and didn't come to her food bowl Monday night we knew something was wrong. She looked out of it, and didn't react much when I touched her. Later we realized her back legs had quit working. It was like she had a stroke.

The next day was not better. I think we both knew we were losing her. When she drug herself to the hallway outside the bedroom door it about broke Steve's heart. Knowing he would not be able to go to the vet with me I called my mom who drove us. Kitty lay in a box on my lap. I don't know how my mom kept from crying since I cried the entire time.

So Kitty Heaven has one more little angel and our home just became a bit less occupied.

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  1. so sorry for your loss Denise and Steve. To lose a pet can be very upsetting. I continue my prayers for you both. Jonsey had his pre-surgery test today...two more weeks and I finally might get to know what is all going on. Love you both. :) sue