Monday, September 10, 2012

Not the typical fish tale

If my mother-in-law could blog about Steve, she would tell the recent story of how Steve brought her fish. But this isn't your typical fish tale because it took super human effort for him to do this and no sickness was going to stand in his way of the delivery of yet another one of Steve's surprises.

The story starts with Steve getting a call from a fellow fisherman who had quite the batch of catfish. He knew Steve's mom loves catfish and so called him to come get some and take to her.

This was the day before he finally went to the ER. So he has pneumonia from a cancerous tumor pressing against his bronchial tube and a migraine. With a cold pop can held to his head he drove the distance to get the fish, then delivered them to Mom. She gets tears in her eyes as she remembers him coming up to the door dragging that bag of fish. He looked terrible. What was he doing? He'd been in bed with this headache for days. But he knew how happy it would make her to get this gift.

What an example he is to our sons, and what a blessing he is to his mom.

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