Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chemo week

This is our chemo week. I don't feel like Steve recouped from the last round but his blood test should be able to show if he is okay for the next cycle. He seems to tire easy and is still not slowing down until his body gives out.

He has been preparing 3 boats for a fishing trip and I think the boats may have won. But we had a grand weekend at the camp site. The weather is so beautiful this time of year. Campfires in the Fall are much better than in the Summer.

My dear sister-in-law Robin Ringberg pass away last week. While not being totally unexpected, this is a very sad time for my brother, and for us. Robin was special in so many ways. I don't think I heard her say a bad word about anybody ever.
There was a period of time when she was coming to visit every Sunday and we would watch a movie together. She was my church buddy and did volunteer work for the church in my office. She will be missed.

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  1. so sorry to hear of your loss, compounding by knowing your troubles with Steve. God is with you, this I know and remember if ever in doubt he is carrying you. Love you