Sunday, October 14, 2012

Granny's rolls

Our first year celebrating Valentine's Day was a special one for me. Not in the gift I got which I don't remember but in the one I gave. It's hard to buy for a guy who appears to have everything and you don't have extra to spend. So I asked myself what does Steven LOVE? And then it came to me, his grandma's homemade rolls and jelly.

I'd not met Steven's grandmother yet and she lived in Cleveland, Illinois wherever that is. So I call his mom and get the number and call this lady I've never met and ask her to make Steven some homemade rolls and jelly. Of course being the wonderful woman she is she said yes.

The day before Valentine's Day I find my way to Grandma's house in Cleveland and introduced myself. She was so sweet. And she loved Steven as I was beginning to realize I did too. We had a great visit and I looked forward to seeing her again.

Steven was surprised at the gift. He is one of those guys who would much rather have a homemade bread products than a sweet snack. And these rolls rocked!

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  1. I know of one person who has mastered making Granny's rolls....aunt Judy. They are just like Granny's. You know how hearing an old song can take you back to the place you were when that song was popular. Well eating these rolls or even just the smell of them baking takes me back to my childhood. A more simple time where life seemed slower and I had no worries. A time spent with family. At Granny's kitchen table is where we would all gather.. aunts, uncles, cousins and even friends that we just considered family. And at the center of it all where those delicious rolls. Funny how it's the most simple things in life that mean the most.