Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hi God, it's me again

Hi God, it's me again. I love how you know just what I need. The phone rings and it's just the right person, a chapter in a book is just what I need to hear or I get an encouraging card in the mail when I'm feeling my lowest. The last one even offered home made cookies!

This diagnosis has my feelings so raw. Just as little things can make me sad, little things can make me happy. I see my grandson and cry at his beauty. I see the trees change and realize we are headed into another season. I want to be happy because I love fall, but my stomach is in knots over the time that is passing. My appreciation of life is at its fullest, and in my weakness at it's lowest point.

Where did summer go? I can never go back to it and my memory of it now is one of turmoil and incredulity. Something tells me someday I will want to look back to the beginning. The summer of 2012.

I'm so confused God. Help me to see clearer. I'm not sure how to be and think I'm probably okay no matter how I am, but this has proved to be very wrong of recent.

You can heal him. I want you to heal him. Please...heal him.

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  1. That is what my prayer has been for you and Steve. Heal everything! Lord I know you have the power. Please continue to use them both for your benefit. God bless you guys. Denise keep your chin up, I know how hard it is! I think you you often, you are such a blessing.