Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not just my hero

Steve has been known to put out some fires. One was our neighbor's deck. The fire was ignited by a tiki torch and it had spilled across the deck toward the house. The neighbors ran inside to get the fire extinguisher but couldn't get it unplugged to use. Steve was mowing the yard and ran into our house, grabbed our fire extinguisher, raced over and put out the deck fire which was now a big blaze. He has been their hero ever since.

The other fire incident was at a wedding reception. All I know is one minute we are sitting and eating at a table and the next Steve is running toward the bride at the buffet table like he is going to tackle her. The napkin she had been holding beneath her plate had been set aflame from a candle on the table. He was her hero too.


  1. I'm sure Steve has a couple stories about putting fires out after having caught himself on fire a time or two. Oh the fun and danger of a Body Shop.

    -Scott Rice

  2. I'm with Scott, he was good at starting fires too. I'm sure many remember the prime rib incident.

  3. the gifts he has you are so very lucky. God sent you the perfect man as he did for me.