Saturday, October 20, 2012

Take that trip

We had a great time on vacation to Missouri last week. I loved seeing all the family interaction between so many siblings. And I got a front row seat to my grandson's life for one whole week. I have so much to brag about with that little guy. Don't get me started or you might regret it.

While I wish the fishing had been better for the diehard men in this family, the week was beautiful. The trees were at the peak of Autumn brilliance. It was breathtaking no matter which direction you looked.

I'm thankful for this time we all had. Steve was exhausted at the end of each day but saved enough energy for a few beers and some board games or Karaoke. There was lots of laughter and lots of good food.

When you find out you have terminal cancer (or your spouse does) you start thinking of things you should do. Things that you were putting off doing. There is that trip you take while the going is good. Where for a while you forget everyday routines and a calendar full of doctor appointments. As Steve backed the boat in the driveway at the end of our trip it hit me that that was our trip. Oh crap we just took our trip. There will be no more trips short a miracle. Then I started thinking about his brothers and what the week meant to them.

But really, at this point each day we can hold each other is a gift. I want to shout at everyone in jealousy, "Take the trip. Or go take their face in your hands and look them in the eye and tell them how much they mean and how empty your life would be without them. Then gently kiss them. And if that is too your brother."

Do it for me.

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