Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts on life

Do you ever wish you could push rewind on your life like a VCR? Oops, let's do that again and not be speeding, or if I had just made that phone call one day sooner.

Would you marry the same person again? You know them much better now. The good, bad and ugly of them. I think for the first two years you are on your best behavior and then you let your hair down.

Since there are no do-overs without consequences of getting out of what you are in, do you just adapt and make the best of things? Jobs are easier than marriages to get out of. Kids, not so easy unless it's the first two weeks and really all they do is sleep then. Why is there not a place to drop off our teenagers? Steve said there should be an island we can ship our troubled teens to and then get them back a few years later when they come to their senses. Imagine having a job on that island!

Do you ever wonder why there is less shame each generation? Shame used to keep us in line. You wouldn't want to get pregnant out of wedlock or file for divorce. Now there is no shame in either. If you have a marriage over 20 years you are probably a minority.

Maybe marriage is like a 401K where it only pays off with investment and time. Plus by the time you are old you are likely to forget a lot of things that bothered you about your spouse. I would like to grow old with Steven. I see him as a cranky old fart who growls a lot. I would like to see what he did during retirement after building a business that many years. I would like him by my side to laugh with. We are so good at that already.

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