Sunday, November 4, 2012

A great day

What a great day today. It started with getting up at 8 a.m. only to realize it was really 7 a.m. Steven said it was a good thing we had plans today because he needs to take a break from fishing. He is exhausted.

Then Aunt Judy, bless her heart, brought us homemade rolls which ARE as good as Granny's. She brought strawberry jam and fudge too. She hadn't backed out of the driveway and we were buttering up warm rolls and making moaning sounds with each bite.

We went to our grandson Parker's first birthday party. He does this thing now where he fake laughs when other people laugh which makes other people laugh even more. He loved digging into his own little cake and opening up all his gifts.

Why does everything make noise and flash now a days. Do they have to have batteries for all those toys? How good it was to see family and friends get together all sharing love for this little boy.

Then home to feel sick coz I had too much cake and ice cream. But the Bears won and that made Steven happy so I'm happy too even if my hand is on my stomach. Did I mention homemade fudge?

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  1. Great Picture of the three of you! Did you happen to go to church this weekend. They had this totally awesome special song that I cried through. And wouldn't you know the subject was on something that me and my sister had talked about just the day before. I am going to send her the CD. Hope you feeling better today. Gotta love all that homemade goodies, even if we do indulge alittle more than we should. Love you guys!