Monday, November 26, 2012

Being thankful on Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with most everyone showing up. There were at least one from each family that stayed home due to cold symptoms they didn't want to pass on to Steven. Unfortunately, he still woke up with a cold on Saturday. It appears to be mostly sinus at this point but if his already bad cough gets worse we will contact his doctor immediately.

We went and bought the biggest fresh tree we could afford and the pine smell has filled the house. It didn't get decorated yet because I couldn't seem to get it straightened and tightened in the stand and Steve was stuck in bed. Each time I tried it wanted to fall. Catching a tree when you are under it is tricky. So I left it knowing when he saw the crookedness he would be drove crazy until it was straight. And it worked. Watching the Bears game he got up 4 times to correct it and now it is perfect. We never get started on Christmas decorating this early but with the Lane Christmas happening on December 15th we needed to.

We are still on our 'good news' high. The Bears winning helped too. I wish I could call Lovie and ask him to keep it up since it makes Steve so happy but he probably wouldn't take my call.

Steve wanted to show me a heater he was interested in buying on his Ipad. He said it runs on propane and could heat a room if we lose power. He said this with a smile and then went on to say it could also be used to heat him in the boat. Somehow this reminded me of when he bought the gas grill as a surprise for me and opened the lid to present me with three African violets.

So now he can fish longer. I told him straight faced that I wondered if they had a mechanism that would chip the ice in front of the boat when it got really cold. Gosh, I hope they don't.

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