Thursday, November 1, 2012

Done with chemo

It was decided that we will stop at five rounds of chemo. So we are done with that. Steve will have scans in 3 weeks prior to seeing the doctor and he will decide then how to proceed. I should not have read online about small cell lung cancer because it has once again slapped me in the face with the reality of how terminal it is. But being me I have to be on top of things and know what I can. So regardless of if the tumors are small or he is in remission a recurrence is in his future.

They do not do a second line of chemo for the extensive stage because the cells have become chemo-resistant. There is a drug called topotecan that I've read about. It is a form of chemo to prevent the tumors from growing as fast for a month or two in patients with SCLC. Our oncologist hasn't said anything about using this, but did mention the possibility of preventative radiation to the brain. This cancer is known to metastasize there.

So on this day, Steven is the healthiest he will ever be. He is still getting out and enjoying life. On the down side he tires easily. His voice is still not healed but talking to him in person you can hear him just fine. I worry about what he will do with his winter. All his favorite things to do need good weather. I guess he can continue being angry at Angry Birds.

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  1. God is are great healer....and I am sure that he can heal anything. I am still praying for this as I know many others are. If you had a Wii or connects there are games he could fish to! LOL see my update on my man on facebook. Love you guys.