Saturday, November 17, 2012

My faith

We all have people who impact our lives. My grandmother (Gram) was one. She was a big part of my life growing up. My faith stated with Gram and our many visits to St. Mary's Church. I loved the beauty of it, and the routine of the service. I loved the standing, kneeling, ringing bells and repetition of the prayers. Each night I stayed at Grams we would practice The Lord's Prayer. And we would talk and talk well into the night. I learned to tell time laying in her bed one morning. I learned my love of creating by crocheting and sewing at a young age. She also taught me how to clean. From baseboards to light bulbs she cleaned everything and taught me along the way. You scrub the floors on hands and knees and washed windows with water and vinegar. If I worked too fast she would say I was 'doing piece work'. My Gram truly loved me. I still feel it even though she is gone now.

That Jesus answered prayer was something I witnessed at a very young age. My first answered prayer was regarding a very large spider. I prayed, I lived, prayer answered. I've had enough prayers answered in very obvious ways to seal my belief.

Later my faith was nurtured by a neighbor named Jane Neil who was kind enough to take me with her daughter to Vacation Bible school and then youth group at their church for years. I remember her saying one day that I didn't need to raise my hand every week to accept Jesus, once would do it. I continued on in that church for many years.

When I was a teen I made a promise to God to read my Bible everyday if He would get me out of a jam I was in. He did and I've been reading it ever since. I feel in love with the stories and for the first time felt a true perfect love. It is the promises that book holds that is going to get me through this crisis.

I now work at Heritage Wesleyan Church in the Administrative Department. I feel very blessed to work in a Christian environment at a time like this. My coworkers and the congregation have really rallied around both of us to let us know we are not alone. None of our friends or family can make this cancer go away but it's good to know we are not the only ones praying for a miracle.

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