Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steve got me through

We had more than our fair share of teen problems when raising the boys. I won't go into specifics but let's just say that I'm not in an mental institution with a permanent head twitch is a miracle.

I remember one time I had about had it. I was crying and angry and ended up in the back yard with an ax splitting wood barefoot. Ugg. Did I mention I might have had a beer or two? Well, you think Steve would have run out there and saved me from an accident but he waited and let me have my tantrum. I still have both feet.

I have a clear memory of sitting at the table exasperated. This would have been 15 years ago now. Steve said to me that if I could see thru a window 5 years from now I would see both boys were going to make it through this. He said I had given them a base that was filled with discipline and love and they would be back to those boys because of it. And he was right. They are now good men.

Another time he took me away for the weekend. We were in the pool and I was floating with him guiding me around. I had been near a mental breakdown, or maybe I was in one. It feels a lot like I do today. Anyway, my senses took over. The sun shone in my face so I had to keep my eyes closed. The water filled my ears until all I heard was a hollow echo. I totally relaxed and in that moment something happened to me. I still cry when I think of it because it was a turning point for me in surviving that season of life. Maybe another float in a pool?

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