Thursday, November 15, 2012

Steve is keeping busy this week getting the garage ready for our family feast on Thanksgiving. We open the door from the house to the garage and have a big table where we can all sit. The garage tends to gather all the things garages gather from rain gear hung to dry to boxes from the latest home project. He finished off the inside of the garage years ago so it makes a nice big room complete with a shiny 1965 GTO. Not everyone has that to stare at while eating Thanksgiving dinner.

He still seems tired to me and is having headaches. I don't think he tells me everything to keep me from worrying. His scans and doctor appointment to get the results are next week.

I finally have an appointment with a new doctor as mine moved on months ago. I'm not sure how to go in there and say everything hurts, I'm tired all the time, I have severe headaches and cry a lot without getting every test invented. I'll have to start with telling him I have a bit of stress at this time. Okay, more than a bit. Hopefully, I won't end up at Robert Young but if I do please visit.

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  1. I will come and visit....Stress can do some funny things to you body. Please know that I am praying for Steve's miracle cure. I am also praying for your strength, patience and peace. Love you and have a great Thanksgiving.