Thursday, November 22, 2012

The best news possible

Our doctor appointment yesterday went the very best it could be. The tumors are too small to be seen. He was quick to say they are still there, but not seen. What this means is the longer they take to grow the more time we have.

Since small cell lung cancer is known to go to the brain he brought up the option of prophylactic brain radiation. It would add a few months to his current prognosis of one year given in June. We have to weigh the ramifications of the side effects of the preventative radiation.

First we have a consult with a radiologist next week. Then they do an MRI to determine if the brain is showing any cancer at this time. If it is, then the decision has been made and he will most likely have the radiation. If none is showing we will discuss our options and decide.

For now and the next week I want to remain on this high of having good news. Thank you Jesus for getting us this far and having a ray of sunshine. I want to hold it tight because it's been so long since we looked at each other and truly smiled (and hugged and danced if the truth be known).

I'm off to get a turkey in the oven on this very special Thanksgiving holiday with so much to be thankful for.

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  1. YEAH...Give me a G. Give me an O. Give me a D. all I can say is Yeah God. So happy for the good news....What a great Thanksgiving.
    Thinking of you. Love you both still in my prayers,