Saturday, November 24, 2012

Think about it

That Steven does not read my blog does not bother me at all. It actually frees me up to not worry so much. Goodness, if he was reading some of these stories he would disagree with everything and then add all these details like it wasn't the last dance and I forgot it was windy that day.

I was thinking how hard this diagnosis must be for him. He who does not stop until the sun goes down. Whose motto is 'life is good', and his cup is always 1/2 full. And I was slammed in the gut with a fraction of the anger he must have. I mean, give the guy a break. First his hands with carpel tunnel surgery, then rheumatoid arthritis, which meant his work and livelihood. The headaches, pneumonia and then the horrid cancer. He loses his hair, his voice, his great strength...his future. I shake my head and cry. I can't even go on with this.



  2. You speak out your blogs...what most people hide deep inside them. All the emotions you feel and write about is shared by everyone in one way or another. You have the strength to speak them out loud and share with others...without knowing you are ministering to others through your pain. God's trials are very painful. I pray for God's peace in your lives. Hold onto to Him with all you have and never lose faith. No matter what God decides He will not leave you.