Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TV is not our friend

It's hard to watch TV because so much of it relates to dying. Either the widow/widower is being visited by a deceased spouse or there is a dead body involved.

We were watching a recorded show the other night and a terminally ill man found out he had been misdiagnosed. He kept shouting, "I'm not dying? I'm not dying!". An uncomfortable moment ensued.

I told a friend I would not be hosting or attending any holiday functions next year. She asked me why and I tilted my head in reply. She then reprimanded me by saying I shouldn't be even thinking that way. What way? In reality? Is it wrong to go there in my head?

I had another friend, who is single, remind me how lucky I am to have this treasured relationship. She's right. And here I am with all these fab memories to carry me thru a lifetime. What will happen when I've told all my stories and there are no more?

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