Monday, December 24, 2012

Not a good sharer

Christmas morning at our house is probably a normal one. Coffee, music, some food that smells wonderful and our family. Despite having homes of their own our boys will usually come on Christmas Eve and spend the night. I know it's because they can't wait to rip into their stockings Santa filled. I tried to explain that there is a new generation of children (grandson) and they now need to be adults, but it didn't work. You would have thought I took their life savings. So Santa came one more year.

We have a dear friend Amy who makes this wonderful toffee candy. She found out how much Steven liked it and one year made him his very own batch. I wrapped it and he opened it and when the boys saw him hugging it to his chest they, being who they are, had to take it away. This picture ensued.
Thankfully no one was hurt. Steven got his candy back which he promptly hid and had two pieces each night until it was gone.

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