Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On to the shortest week ever

We had a awesome Christmas. Everyone was healthy and cheery. We had a wonderful Christmas breakfast served by none other than the master chef Steven. The candle light service at church included drummers and a good message.

The day came complete with gifts and nap time. The highlight gift was definitely the recliner I got. It swivels, rocks and reclines. Who could ask for more? I wanted to sleep in it last night but forced myself to go to bed.

We went to Aunt Becky's house for dinner and dessert. I had mostly dessert and brought home baggies share with Steven of course. I had fun teaching Parker who is one to turn around and go down the stairs backwards. He was a quick learner. He now holds his arms out to me to be picked up which is a real compliment since he doesn't do that to everyone.

Now I'm off to work on a Monday which is actually a Wednesday. Everyone who knows me knows what my Mondays are like. I wonder if others are as confused on what day it is as me. This will be the shortest week ever!!

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