Thursday, January 3, 2013

God and friends

Sometimes I feel under a great weight. At times like these I'm so grateful to my friends and family. They tolerate my up and downs and show such support. Each one is a gift. I see such love shining through them as they hug me and ask how I really am. They listen to me prattle and watch as I feel guilty for what I say and yet they encourage me still. While they know what Steven is enduring must be beyond comprehension, they know I too am in a dark tunnel and their reassurance there will be light again gives me such hope.

Thank you to the women who have told their stories. Thank you for sharing your scars. I want to remember the hard things I've been through before. Maybe I didn't handle all of them wisely but if I carried away knowledge it was not in vain. Don't let me waste my pain and heartache.

But at night I am alone with my pain. In the dark silence I give God my frailties and visualize a canopy of compassion. I know I'm falling but I'm not failing. I'm falling straight into the protectiveness of my Savior's arms.

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