Saturday, January 19, 2013

One of the things that scare me

One of the things that scare me the most is how I fall apart when he's hurting. It just breaks my heart. And I don't know how I will be able to see him really hurting and hold it together enough to say the right things, do the right things.

I'm failing at this. I'm...not sure what he needs. Nothing I say is right, it all irritates him. I know it's not me, he feels crappy. I want to scream, "Give this guy a break!" I want to scream and scream and scream. I want to scream. First I want to sleep.


  1. I totally understand.... why is it that God made women to care for man? To the point that we care so much more for them than we do ourselves sometimes. So grateful that you can scream on this post. I am praying heavily for you and for him. So sorry he is not taking the radiation treatments that well. Hope and pray it changes soon. Please know you are loved.

  2. When you don't know what he wants.....ASK him. Maybe he wants a back rub, a cold pack for his head, etc. Maybe he just wants to be left alone for awhile. Ask him.