Friday, January 25, 2013

Strangers becoming friends

A stranger came to my door with a goody bag of wine, chocolates and gourmet coffee. She said she was an old friend of Steves and had been keeping up on his health through the blog and felt lead to bring us this gift and introduced herself to me.

I was shopping in Kalona Iowa at Sister's Garden looking for a handmade journal I'd seen there the year before. It was pages of mixed media that I wanted to try to make. I asked the sales person who took my email address and passed to the artsy lady who makes the books. We started corresponding and she then read the blog about my husband's terminal cancer. We found out we went to the same Heritage Wesleyan Church but at different locations. At Christmas as she made gifts she was lead to make me one of her books which she delivered to me recently. We finally got to meet. She is a stranger no more.

Another stranger, met through email, is going through a similar situation with her husband who is coming to the end of his journey with MS. An instant bond is formed between us, knowing few can comprehend the agony of watching a husband slowly succumb to illness.

When I wrote in my journal I was thanking God for all these angels new and old that have been coming to help me in one way or another. I told Him I was so grateful and didn't know how to thank Him. He then said to 'let them in'. I knew what He meant. I've been crying a lot and not able to stop. Of course, I don't want Steve to see this because he would feel guilty. So I made a list of people I know that I can call when I feel I'm losing it and ask for prayer. It's not easy to ask for help, but people want to and well...I need it.

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