Monday, January 7, 2013

What would you do if it were you

What would I do? If in June I was given 'maybe a year'. That's what he said. You don't forget words like that.

Being the writer I've found myself to be, I would have a letter for each person I love in my Bible. Of course I'm not sure how long they would be there before someone stumbled across them.

I would buy gifts for my grandson for each year so he would have something to open from me. I would buy an anniversary gift for my spouse for the years I was gone and give them to a trusted friend.

I would read everything I knew about heaven so I could get excited. I'm really sure there are cookies there.

I'd plan all the final stuff right down to what songs and who should sing them.

I would ask myself serious questions like; does everyone I love have something made by me? Is there anyone that needs to know more about Jesus and being saved? Who do I need to apologize to?

I'd ask myself what is it that I really like to do. And then I'd do it. For me, I'd have some kind of creative project in each room, sewing and yarn in this room, plant propagation and green house here, library with fire place, and a different kind of sweet treat each day.

I'd make a list of all those I need to visit and then take one long road trip. I'd preached about Jesus, gave out plant starts and homemade gifts.

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