Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boys will be boys

When my sons and I moved to Steve's, the neighbors really enjoyed seeing Steve's perfect house and yard get used by two rambunctious boys. They also admired the way we put them to work in the yard.

Our neighbor, Jim Foster, who used to live next door, told of a time he rounded the bend in our road and could see right in our bay window. He said it was so funny he had to stop the car and watch. He saw that the boys were pole vaulting over the couch. My guess is they got going as fast as they could around the interior circle of the house then jump on the couch and over the back into the dining room.

Another neighbor across the street came to tell me 'what good boys you have'. I should have known right then he was paving the way. He continued with, "I'm sure you don't want them on the roof though". It's one of those moments you can't wait to conclude the conversation so you can go kill two kids. When the boys were too old for a sitter and still young enough to...(They may still be at this point), we told them they were not allowed to close the drapes in the picture window because Mr. Fritz who lived across the street was keeping an eye on them AND could see what was on TV.


  1. What a wonderful story and a wonderful man.

  2. This reminds me of my neighbors and how much they liked to spy on the boys. So great to live in an older neighborhood where people want to do that. On neighbor an older gal across the street use to tell me she loved watching Casey come home from football with his gear on and his shirt off. I almost spewed my drink at her. Hope you have an awesome day today. Love you gal.

    1. A few more years and we will be the 'older' neighbors. Thanks for all your encouragement Sue.