Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breakfast tray details

It's funny what you can get used to doing, with time. I started taking Steven some breakfast and it has became so detailed I'd like to drop the tray in his lap. Just in case something should happen to me, I'll note what he wants.

One tray with cereal, Rice Krispies on the bottom and Honey Bunches of Oats on the top of that. Large milk on the side, 1 piece of toast buttered (butter must evenly coat toast and not pool in any one area). 1/2 an apple in thin slices, 1/2 an orange. The fruit should be on a small plate in the upper right corner of the tray,(I'm not joking about this) and the toast in the upper left with the cereal in the middle. Large spoon (I'm making no comment about this) and napkin. Small container of sugar next to cereal.

This does not include the first tray I took in when I got up which includes his meds, nicotine patch, large orange juice, cold water, and coffee.

This is all before 8:00 a.m. I will give more details about lunch in a later email. Good thing I have a sense of humor.


  1. I read this and had to laugh. My dad is exactly the same way. Just one example is when mom gets up she makes coffee, 2 cups, both for dad. She knows the precise point during his morning routine she has to pour his coffee so when he sits down for breakfast it has reached the perfect drinking temperature. It must be a Lane thing!