Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cable box possession

Our cable boxes are possessed. The TV turns off and on, things that are suppose to tape on the DVR, tape 46 times at one minute each, the remote quits working. So back on the phone to call tech support, where I first tell everything about my account using the automated part, then get a real person who asks me everything all over again. She had a wonderful accent that at any other time would have been enjoyable but when instructing me thru 62 steps it was not appreciated.

So the nice Mediacom lady who swapped my old box for a new one, told me to hide the DVR box because the remote does not have to 'see' it to work. So when something goes wrong and they want the serial number off the back, I get to stand on my head with Steve is using his phone as a light. I felt like we were playing Twister. They also use a font that has to be in the negative.

I guess if that was our excitement for the day then that's not bad considering our circumstance.

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