Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Just as we can establish our mood by attitude now, we can do the same thinking with our past. We probably all have things about our childhood we'd like to forget happened. Some of us more than others. I told my boys, you can dwell on the bad and make it bad or you can dwell on the good and make it good.

So I think of Christmas's and going to Grandma's, and Dad grilling outside. I think of vacations, swimming lessons and planting marigolds in front of the house. There were dinners around a kitchen table and a family dog for when you wanted to sneak part of that dinner off the table.

So maybe it wasn't always like Father Knows Best. But who I am, was formed from every challenge that crossed my path. You can't go back and make it different, so make it count. I'm me and that's not so bad.

I think, the more contented we are, the easier we are to be around. And the better we deal with the past, the easier the present is.


  1. Amen sister! I agree totally. Once I made peace with my past several people have noticed the difference in me. Including how I much I feel about contentment. Love you and continued prayers for you and yours.

    1. Love you too Sue. It's good to have you back encouraging me!