Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Having a moment

Once when I was at my sisters, her 5 year old son was crying quite loudly. His older brother looked at me and said, "Matthew is having a moment." No eye roll, no other explanation, none was needed, because that said it all.

Tonight, I was having a moment in the card isle. I was looking at Valentine's Day cards and just started weeping. None of the cards could say what I want to say. Maybe I could make my own, something like this:

My knight in shining armor,
I know you have to go.
I ask again this sweethearts day,
Just say you love me so.

My forever soul mate,
If there is such a thing,
Will you still know me when you're there,
That place where all will sing?

My husband and my lover,
Whisper in my ear,
The reasons that you love me,
So I can hold them dear.

My sweet and handsome Valentine,
Our lives forever twined,
I have assurance in my heart,
You'll be forever mine.


  1. Denise that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Make your own card...

  2. that was soo awesome...hope you made your own card!