Friday, February 1, 2013

How to shave a man's head

First, listen to him swear as he tries himself. Wait for the repair mess of the Wahl Clipper shaver, new battery and household oil search, none of which work. More expletives. Take over at this point but with hesitation as he is still cursing. Complaints consist of, not going the right direction, not using enough pressure, not rinsing after 2 swipes and taking too long. Finally agrees to let you use scissors reserved for fabric only, a show of true love and devotion on my part, to cut hair prior to shaving which takes less time but he would never admit it.

Lastly, tell him he looks even better than before and call a plumber for the bathroom sink.


  1. He does look even better than before. Do you want Jim to come look at your sink?

    1. Thanks Sheri. Finally had a plumber here for hours but the sink works again.

  2. Steven looks younger! Bald is beautiful:)