Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lessons from Steve 101

I'm trying to do things myself. Spoken like a true 5 year old! So when my car was not starting, it was decided I'd do the battery purchasing. We went to Farm and Fleet and listened to the options of new batteries and then chose a mid range. We came home and with guidance I attempted to put it in. I learned what a ratchet is and did okay, until I almost touched something metal once the new battery was in, and then I was fired. That was okay because my hands were very black. If this were my car (oh, wait it is) I'd have that engine a lot cleaner! So we are done with the battery and then Steve doesn't like the way the hood shut, so he is messing with the mechanism and asking me to flip the lever on the inside. My key was in the ignition and I wanted to make sure it was off. I turn the key, but the wrong way and the car started to turn over. Nothing happened but it scared both of us. Actually, it scared me a lot, but I was so busy apologizing I hid it.

Then we went to Mediacom to swap cable boxes. I went in and listened to all the instructions on how to hook up the new box and DVR. I felt good on the recall until I got to the car and he asked me to repeat it. I think he makes me nervous. Anyway, I remembered the first of 6 steps. So I had to call tech support when I got home.

Lastly, I was instructed on how to make the family favorite, 'Steve's BBQ Back Ribs'. I love that he said I couldn't ruin the bone side on the grill and I managed to burn them. It happened so quickly, but all the black scraped right off and they were really very good!

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