Sunday, February 24, 2013

The day Grandma changed

It all started at the craft show on Avenue of the Cities. It was called 23rd Avenue back then. That was the day Grandma started talking funny. Maybe we had had little signs before, but not enough to worry about. But that day, walking among the booths, she told me about the spies the government had at her house. She wasn't sure why they needed to spy on her, but they were. I immediately began looking for more of my family to witness this change in Grandma. Several of us were there helping Dad with his wood work booth.

Within a short amount of time I had taken a leave from my job, left Steve home with the boys and moved to Gram's house. The dementia escalated quickly. My dad needed to get power of attorney and get grandma somewhere safe. We needed a diagnosis. I needed her to show that side of herself when we went to her physician.

It all took time. Steve would come and visit when he could, but the days spent there was heart wrenching. This was Gram. She was our eldest and kind of ruled over everyone. She was strong willed, and committing her was not going to be easy.

Have you ever had to have something worse happen to make something bad stop? The ambulance came, bringing two men. Gram was so confused. She wouldn't cooperate. We knew she wouldn't. But they strapped her down on the gurney and took her out. She never came back to her house again.

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