Friday, February 8, 2013

Thursday night visit

Tonight was great. The kids came over for to visit and we were all catching up since we missed last Thursday. Parker, our 15 month old grandson was the entertainment as usual. He is learning to use utensils to eat with and it's so fun to watch him figure it all out. He actually stabbed an item with his fork and we are all like, wow, and then he used his fingers to take the food off and puts it in his mouth.

He doesn't want picked up. He will straighten his body to slide out of your arms. It's all about exploring. He knows there is a little incline here in the doorway, this room echoes his voice and there are remote controls in this room. I love his venturing. We are going to be buddies I can tell. He turned around and backed up to me while I was sitting on the floor and sat in my lap. I'm sure it means I'm his favorite person in the whole world.

Steven was very talkative. The steroids do that. He explained right off the bat that he was shaky and a little hyper. He then went around the table and took everyone's blood pressure. He said tonight was a celebration of his last day of radiation. After everyone left he brought out the dreaded mask he had to wear for each treatment. I'm so proud of him for making it thru this. He could have called it quits at any point but didn't.

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