Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is miraculous?

That I have any peace at all is a gift from God. That I can smile and go to work and let my mind go from here to there, is nothing short of a miracle. That I can be happy about small coincidental happenings, like a short waiting line or a green light, is humorous. That I can pray and know my Lord and Savior has a plan, is true faith. That I can be thankful for this day is tremendous. That I can close my eyes and sleep hours at night, is a blessing.

My peace transcends all understanding. It is a sense of wholeness, knowing everything is coming together and I have displaced worry with Christ. Nothing is guaranteed except our Sovereign Lord. I am standing on His promises for I cannot face this without Him.

I can count on the Creator of the universe. I can count on the God of all comfort. I can count on the Prince of Peace. And that is pretty miraculous to me.

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