Monday, March 4, 2013


I love thinking of the friends I have had over the years and what they have meant to me. My first confidant was my cousin, Binky. We would get together when we visited my Grandma out of town. That was only 3 or 4 times a year but we made up for lost time talking well into the night. When our family left to go home, we would write letters. They contained all the firsts of a girls life, from bras to boyfriends. When I think of her I remember the excitement of getting a letter in the mail. And writing another back was probably my first writing experience other than in school.

Barb, I knew in Junior High all the way into adulthood. Goodness, we were silly. It was all giggling and pushing each other into the boys we liked. Passing notes and sharing secrets. That era of my life could not have been done as humorously without Barb.

Next came Sue. She married Dan, a friend of mine. She and I had son after son for about 5 years straight. When I didn't know what to do with my babies, I called Sue. If it wasn't for her I'm not sure the boys would have turned out so well. She tackled motherhood with a confidence calmness I eventually caught on to.

Next came Kris, who entered my life as a teen. I was in my twenties with two little ones. We each matured in our own way over a 30 year period. I love that she knew me as the mom who tried, and the wife who struggled, and the Christian who never gave up. She saw the worst and the best and was always there.

I thank God for each person He blesses me with. I know my time of needing girlfriends and confidants is far from over. Especially now, in a season of weakness and uncertainty, laughter or tears with a friend is priceless.

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