Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Mom

My mom (step-mom) deserves a lot of credit. She married a man who had custody of two children ages 4 & 5. My brother and I were pretty confused about our change in family life. It couldn't have been easy to take us all on.

As the story goes, my dad needed a sitter and hired this young woman, who was spending the summer with friends. My brother, who was 5, then invites the pretty sitter to the drive inn. A short time later we are a family complete with a mom.

She is always there for me. From middle of the night leg cramps, to explaining the facts of life, and having children of my own, she is a comfort to me.

I always felt sad for her after dad passed away and their anniversary would roll around. For a few years my siblings and I would get her flowers on that day. Then one year, I got her an anniversary card that was from me, the step-daughter. I wrote that when she married my dad, it was also the anniversary of her becoming my mom and how very grateful I was. She is our family's strength and will always be a good example to me. It takes a lot to get her riled. I think I've seen her mad 3 times. Only once was because of me. I love her attitude and that she never complains. I don't know anyone else like that.

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