Monday, March 18, 2013

The Weekend

We had a good weekend. Steve felt okay for most of it. We had flooding in our camper, which sits on my in-law's property, bordering the Rock River. So we trudged through mud with each step getting heavier. We then strategically changed into shoes so we could enter the camper and wet vac gallon after gallon of water, and clean up a layer of mud. I pray this doesn't happen again in a week or two as my back is killing me.

Our 15 month old grandson accidentally spilled a cup of hot coffee on his belly. He has 1st and 2nd degree burns. Poor little guy. His whole belly is one round burn. I went over yesterday to help clean the area and change the dressing. We prayed first, then did what had to be done. He had been given some mild sedative prior so he fell asleep soon after. I think I felt almost as sorry for mom and dad as I did for Parker. It's hard to know you are causing your child pain.

I had my same 'driving down a dark road with no headlights' dream. This time I saw tail lights from a car but it was too far ahead to know if it was a straight shot. I hit a surface other than highway and try not to over correct, but did. I'm now on the far left of the road and feel a drop. Branches are hitting the car. Then, I am air born. I feel that lift in my stomach like when you go over a hill on a roller coaster. My last thought is to center myself in my seat, which is actually my bed when I wake up.

Maybe it wasn't such a good weekend.

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