Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts to ponder

A show I normally liked on TV had two or three torture scenes in it this week. Is it me, or is there more and more violence considered acceptable? Then there is the blood. I remember when the series ER started showing the inside of bodies during surgery, it would make me sick. And to think I wanted to be a nurse!

I thought it was my sensitivities that were changing with age. Loud music or a baby crying didn't bother me in my 20's, in fact I preferred it that way. The music, not the baby. But maybe it is society moving the line.

Do we always have to have more? What will TV be like in 20 more years? How loud will concerts be in 20 more years? And maybe babies really do cry louder now than back in the 80's. Thoughts to ponder.

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