Thursday, April 11, 2013

He Is All That Is

A blank page. Letters that make words, words that make a post, a post that make a blog. If I were to tell what moves me the most, what inspires me, intrigues me & motivates me, it would be my faith in Jesus Christ. Why, out of all that this where I am? I tell you, it is ALL THAT IS.

There is no certainty or guarantee, that if you do well, you are entitled to a life of ease. Nor, does this earn you a place in heaven. Riches do not give you love, prestige does not earn you peace, people do not give you joy.

What is certain? Will the sun rise tomorrow and my air still be there to breathe? Will my husband still love me or even be here? Will my children respect me? Will I age with grace and wisdom?

One thing faith in Jesus Christ. I stand on this rock that is HIM. The winds blow, the water rises and I remain standing. I will not be shaken. I cannot say,
"Where is He in this turmoil of this life?"
He is in the woman who listened to me at lunch, who hugged me and told me I meant something. He is in the sister who said, "Let anything." He is in the prayer that was lifted up by many. He is in the smile of that precious little boy who holds his arms up to me. He is in the son that asks what he can do, and the sender of card that came in the mail, the text that said, "We can do this together." And He is in the coworkers that encircled me and prayed. HE IS ALL THAT IS.

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  1. Love, Love, Love. Well spoken. That circle of prayer is everywhere all over planet.