Friday, April 19, 2013

MRI Was Good

The good news is, the MRI came back showing the cancer had NOT metastasized to the brain. We're very relieved to not have that monster to fight too. When I mentioned later that it still only leaves us months together, minus a miracle, Steve said he hadn't stopped thanking God for the results. That put me in my place. I can't jump back into dreaded reality and forget the good.

God continues to take care of us through others. We had a delicious meal brought, I had a pastor come to my office and pray with me, I received a Visa card from an anonymous person that said, 'May God Bless You'. I received flowers at work from a lady I had never met, but is going through a similar season with her husband's terminal illness. And we had family chip in and help with a flooded basement we could never have done on our own. God is so good!

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