Sunday, April 28, 2013

What's Fear?

I took an Excel class recently. The instructor kept encouraging us to not be afraid of Excel, to click that down arrow and see what other options there were. He said to tell Excel what you wanted it to do.

I have an art magazine that centers around mixed media, which I love. It too encourages you to not fear starting or failing at art and creativity. I never did understand how an art teacher could grade a students art work. They should all be A's.

Well, I find these examples of fear humorous. Want to know fear? Try waking up at night hearing a cough that sounds like someone's last. Review your list of things to do before you die, but know it's a matter of months, not years before it happens. Say goodbye to a friend from out of town and know it is probably the last time you will see them this side of heaven. Holding hands while waiting for the oncologist to tell you if your cancer is back. That's fear.

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