Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday May 31st Morning

Steven continues to improve in a regular hospital room. I miss the nurses but not the continuous noise of ICU.

He has been quiet since the ventilator was removed. He doesn't watch TV but instead stares off. His movements are slow and shaky, and his voice is back to a bare whisper. I can tell the rheumatoid arthritis in his hands and feet are bothering him. He allows me to stretch and bend his feet often. They have come from physical and occupational therapy. They have checked his swallow reflex and graduated him from liquids to soft foods.

He is very weak. Weak as in not able to stand or scoot up in bed without two people helping. I'm hoping this improves daily. Yesterday he sat in a chair for a couple hours. We were visited by an RN who talked about what we will need when we go home. She suggested visiting nurses and things like a walker and cane.

The doctor who came yesterday said we would talk over the weekend about discharge plans. Home is a precious word. On one hand I cannot wait to get him home and on the other I'm worried about the care required. As I reflect on last week, I remain grateful for each small accomplishment.
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  1. I am wondering, while in his drug enduced state did he have a visitation and he is not quite sure what to think or how to handle it? Maybe he is being quiet so he can gain his strength back it takes alot out of you to speak when you have been so ill. Maybe he thought he was at his end, and now he is contemplating what God still has in store for him. Remember Job and all he went through. I am sure you can look into his eyes and see his love for you reflected there. I am praying for strength not just for Steven but for you Denise. Strength and patience for Steven to comprehend what has happened and how to deal with it himself and then how to let you in on what he is feeling himself. Love you guys! God is not finished with him yet. Will also pray for the headaches to disappear and the appetite to come back. Tell him I will bake him any kind of cake he wants to celebrate. Wish I can come visit but haven't been feeling well and don't want to pass anything on.